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Debt registration price according to the delay period of debt
You only need to answer a few questions to receive a customised non-binding debt collection proposal. The proposal contains information about our rates and will include a contract
You do not have to reveal the identity of the debtor to find out about our debt collection rates
Rates go down!
Rates go down for more than three debts!

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Part collected Rate Fee
Registration fee is depends on the debt appearance date Registration fee: 0
Total debt collection price in euros without VAT Total 0
No fees
You are applied a minimal price for the service: amount €
Prices are indicated in euros exclusive of VAT


Upon receipt of an oral or written claim concerning the quality of services or goods provided, it is not always possible to reach a settlement amicably, and court assistance might be required. As a result, additional expenses might be incurred. We will inform you about this kind of situations in advance so that you could make a decision concerning further debt collection actions.

If you became aware about the bankruptcy or liquidation of the debtor, you will not be able to recover the debt by way of pre-trial collection.

Hence, for an additional fee our experts can file credit claims in bankruptcy proceedings or collect the necessary documents that will help you to write off the debt.

In order to collect the debt from a company operating in the country not included into the list, please contact the Coface experts.